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Canadian Military R & R
On behalf of the Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services (CFMWS), it is my pleasure to provide this letter of appreciation to Mr Colin Barden of the "Evening Star" for his support during Third Location Decompression (TLD) inPaphos Cyprus. The TLD program gives Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) personnel a structured environment to unwind, relax and prepare for the transition from operation in Afghanistan to domestic life in Canada.

CFMWS through the Personnel Support Programs (PSP) division is responsible for organising Rest and Relaxtion (R&R) activities for the military members in order to relax. Since 2009, Mr, Barden has been an integral part of the succes of the PSP mission to deliver the Deep Sea Fishing program to the CAF while in Cyprus. Colins level of commitment to the TLD mission was greatly beneficial to the well functioning of the R & R program appreciated by both the TLD staff and soldiers themselves. He is extremely customer service orientated with the ability to adapt to schedule changes, the weather and the need of the soldiers is what made him a great partner and a pleasure to work with.

As the PSP team leader, I would like to extend my gratitude to Colin for delivery of the Deep Dea Fishing program to the members of the Canadian Armed Forces. Your work has made a difference and we thank you for your outstanding support.

Norma Woods,
Personnel Support Program (PSP),
Team Leader,
Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Support.

Boat fishing in cyprus
Just come back from a weeks holiday in cyprus(paphos) normally try to go fishing whilst im away on holiday as we did here last year but having a bad experience on the boat. it was rough and when the skipper said we were going home he got the sea anchor around the propellor he dropped the anchor but will still drifted towards the rocks,the skipper was from scotland so with frantic phone calls to the harbour we knew panic was setting in. a cypriot towed us back to the harbour.when we booked to return to cyprus this year we vowed not to go fishing.but a month ago we looked for information on wsf we found a post by tracemate about a fishing trip in paphos on the evening star.we phoned the skipper for info but did not book as last years fiasco was still in our mind.when we arrived in paphos we checked out the angling boats and we booked to go on the evening star last thursday for a afternoon trip what was to turn out to be a cracking trip with professonals we went fishing with lures and caught six bonitos then the skipper colin said we will try some deep fishing on the way home with rods with electric reels we had two drifts along a trench in the seabed 600 metres deep impressive stuff even better we added 1 spurdog,1 hake and two redfish like bream.The good memory of this trip will last a long time and we intend booking for easter. This post proves forums on the internet work i can recommend the evening star and its crew colin and nick they made our holiday.
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Scotsman on holiday FIRST TIME TUNA FISHING on board the EVENING STAR Paphos.
After talking to Leslie for over a week I decided to book myself on a Tuna trip with the Evening Star in Cyprus, Paphos.

The day started by meeting the crew, Colin the owner of the Evening Star, Mustafa who was in control of the boat and Nick who was gonna keep us all kitted up for a great days fishing.

First guy on board was Ian, he was a keen pike fisherman but had never been sea fishing. Like me he was not too great on the water. Once the boat had everyone aboard and everyone was introduced the excitement started.

We set out about 4. 30pm and once out of the harbour the engines were opened up and off we go on the Tuna hunt.

The boat looked fantastic and once all the rods were out and ready to fish it looked awesome. 2 rods at the back, 2 on the side and 2 on the outriggers and it was ready to start fishing. The rods were 30-40lb class rods and were fitted with large fladen multiplier reels, all rods were set up with a variety of large Rapala lures. Once we arrived at the fishing grounds the rods were set at different depths and distances. The boat slowed down to 6 knots which was the ideal speed to catch tuna.

It was s beautiful night with about a 2 metre swell, I was feeling not too bad but knew I would be lucky to manage the whole trip without being sea sick, I just kept thinking about landing my first Tuna to keep my mind of the swell.

Nick told us the fish we are after are Big Eye Tuna (Albacore) but you never know what can turn up, he tells us the biggest Tuna landed by this boat was an incredible 198 kg that's just unthinkable till you see the photo.

By now the boat was buzzing with excitement, Nick told us to watch the rod tips and when one slams over to shout, FISH ON and he will pick someone for either side of the boat to take the fish on, he would work the boat on a rotation system so everyone had a fair chance of their dream Tuna.

After only ten minutes or so one rod slams over and we all shout FISH ON. Lol. Nike picks up the rod to give the first person a shot at bringing it in when all of a sudden the line goes slack, Nick reels it in and still on the lure was the remains of the Tunas inner gill and by the looks of it we had just lost the chance of a big one.

With the rod reset for fishing the boat was buzzing, we knew we would not miss any bites as we had just witnessed a 30-40lb class rod double in half.

The atmosphere on the boat was electric with all eyes glued to the rod tips. We are all talking about the one that we just missed when WHAM!!! 2 rods double over, FISH ON we all shout and the scramble is on to get the other rods out the way to give room for 2 fish to be landed.

First fish on board is a nice fish of about 8lb followed quickly by one of about 12-13lb. We all think this is great but Nick assures us these are babies. After all the commotion and excitement all rods are reset and we are fishing again.

The sea is starting to flatten now and I think, great!!! I should manage not to be sick, then no sooner I start ground baiting lol, shortly followed by "FISH ON".

The next fish landed is about 20lb and once landed I say I hope I get some credit for that as I was ground baiting to lure them in lol. With the fish getting slowly bigger I am buzzing for a shot, hopefully I can stop being sick and have a shot.

Ian is up next and he is totally struggling to wind in what looks like the biggest one so far, he is not used to fishing with the reel handle on the right side but with the help of Nick the fight begins, the way Ian is struggling we know it is a good one and after a bit more heaving and pulling in comes a nice fish of about 22lb and it's a beauty, Ian is over the moon.

I start to think am I going to be able to wind in a biggy if I get one. The crew work fantastically in getting the fish unhooked and rods back in for fishing. Nick asks if I am ok after being sick a few times, I say yes bring it on I will go for the next take. So we troll for a while and just when you thought things were going Quiet, WHAM a rod doubles over and it's my shot, "FISH ON".

I pick up the rod and put my weight into it and it pulls back even stronger. YES this is what I've been waiting on, the first few turns of the reel handle does nothing as the drag just slips, I look to the crew and say either am a weakling or this is big, they start giving me all the banter about having to reverse the boat. I soon start to gain some line but know this ain't gonna be easy. HOLLY SH*T am struggling and I have no idea how big this thing is, Nick steps in to give me a hand but I say look I've waited years to do this I can manage, I laugh to myself saying I hope I can manage, I start to get arm pump now and am struggling to hold the rod, I stop for a few seconds to readjust my grip and continue with the fight. I am winning the fight now and I am getting it closer to the boat, I say to the crew I hope this is big or am gonna look stupid fighting like this for a tiddler. A few more turns and Nick says I can see it Ricky, it's a big one, with my smile stretching from ear to ear i am buzzing with excitement to get a look, I keep winding and the crew are getting ready to gaff it, Please don't fall of am thinking and with the back door of the boat open I see Colin gaff it and with one lift he has it aboard. WOO HOO it's a beauty and its the biggest fish i have ever caught, I can relax now my dream is now reality. I am on cloud nine and chuffed to bits, this has finished of my holiday brilliantly.

Nick estimates the Tuna at about 30lb and I am still beaming with delight. Time to sit down and have a rest. I've done it and so glad I gave it a go, even being sick it was worth it.

One of the women on board said to me, how can you come out to sea knowing you are going to be sick, i say how can women have a second child after going through all that pain the first time, well it's the same for us fishermen once you've landed a cracking fish you forget about the sickness lol.

A couple of more fish are landed but my fish remains the biggest of the day and it's a dream come true. Nick takes one of the smaller fish and cuts it up to cook on the way back in, I normally don't eat fish but to finish of a brilliant experience I have to have a taste, It was delicious and tasted more like chicken than fish.

What an experience.

We get the fish together for group photos which I can't wait to see.

What a fantastic day and many thanks to the crew COLIN, NICK and MUSTAFA for working so hard from the beginning to the end of the day to make our dreams come true.

And many thanks to lovely Linda who sits down at Paphos harbour taking bookings for Tuna fishing, telling plenty of stories, showing plenty of photos from previous trips and lovely to talk to. X

Anyone going to Cyprus on holiday? then a trip TUNA FISHING on the EVENING STAR from Paphos harbour is a must!

Don't be fooled by the other tuna trips on offer as they are only licensed to go 3 km out and cant reach the tuna, where as the EVENING STAR is licensed up to 60 km if needed. Equipment, boat and crew are all first class.

Later my fish was weighed, it came in at 28 lb 3 oz a cracker in my book.

Cheers guys
Made my dream come true

Cheers Ricky2112

Original testimonial from www.worldseafishing.com



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