The 2016 Tuna Season Is Upon Us

May 19, 2016 by Colin

Well here we go again the 2016 tuna season is upon us.

This year’s season is no different to other years; our investment goes on as normal, and it is this investment that makes us one of the most successful boats in the eastern Mediterranean.

We have been having discussions with our more experienced anglers about trying a new techniques called speed, vertical and slow jigging whilst waiting for the fish to make an appearance on Evening Star. (Unlike some of our novice anglers who think it’s like an episode of “wicked tuna” where they have half a dozen fish in a 40 minute episode, they appreciate that it is not always like this and we do have periods of looking for the fish. Sorry guys!

This is where our 2015 investment comes into play, the marine electronic package.

Anyway, back to the news in hand for 2016. Following several successful run outs at the later end of last season with good success, the Evening Star with the help of our sponsors, has been kitted out with all new carbon rods and specialist reels for our anglers to perfect this new technique with our assistance. This hopefully will give our anglers more sport and better catches.

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