Evening Star Speed Jigging 2016

April 7, 2016 by Colin

During the last year my interest has become focused more upon speed jigging and surface popping. Those techniques are very much hands on, they allow the anglers to experience some of the oceans toughest fighting fish giving that initial surge of power with long deep runs.

This year Evening star has been equipped with top of the range speed jigging equipment from our partners PURE FISHING and PENN tackle. We also have a new high powered sonar fish finder that has been added to our already high performance marine electronics package from SIMRAD. Coupled together these will allow our anglers to have the opportunity to try either of these techniques for themselves giving high quality catches.

Our plan is to spend time fishing marks not accessible to trolling. We also intend to fish to deeper marks not accessible to every day methods of angling.

We are truly looking forward to some first class rod bending action in 2016.

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